Horse Sense Class

JoAnn uses her bachelor and master degrees in Animal Science and Ag Education to teach "Basic Horse Handling," "Judging & Course Design" and "Intro to Horse Care" offered through Cecil College and taught at Fairwinds Farm.

Classes teach the basic aspects of horse care and ownership with a hands-on approach. Students work with various breeds and types of horses.  The course includes theory, live demonstrations, and extensive hands-on experience.  Topics include general horse information and terminology, breeds, selection, parts of the horse, conformation, stabling, feeding, hoof care, bathing, diseases and parasites, first aid and tack.

JoAnn also teaches "Preparing for a Career in Acting" both at Cecil College and at Fairwinds.

Ted teaches Equine Facilities Management, Pasture Management, and Business Management also at Cecil College.

Call Cecil College at 410-392-3366 or visit to sign up.

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