Meet the Fairwinds Farm Horses!



Breed: Exmoor

Baily was a rare find, as the Exmoor breed is on the endangered horse list, almost unheard of in the United States!. She has proven to be a great lesson pony, quiet and steady but ready to go when asked. She has also brought home tons of ribbons from a variety of horse shows! 


Breed: Thoroughbred

Cinnamon is an ex-race horse with excellet hunter/jumper training. She's coming back from some time off and doing great at home in lessons, and away at all the local shows!


Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Palomino

Dixie came to us in foal - we just didn't know it!  She produced a beautiful filly named Spring and is now back in our lesson program.  We are currently getting her back in shape after her maternity leave. She is a great trail horse!


Breed: Pinto
Color: Skewbald

Gracie is a flashy show pony with a vibrant personality! She has been successful in our English riding lessons and horse shows.



Breed: Percheron
Color: Gray

Barney is one of our Carriage horse! His claim to fame is that he was in The Greatest Showman- one of our favorite movies!

Barney also had the honor of carrying the Budwiser Knight in their Fall, 2018 commercial.

Barney, gray percheron


Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Dark Bay

Baker has great ground manners, jumps a nice course, neck reins, and is quiet on trails!  In other words, an all around great horse!


Breed: Belgian
Color: Flaxen Chestnut

Billy is a fabulous carriage horse who doubles as a great trail horse! He is truly a gentle giant.


Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Bay

Duncan is sweet natured and quiet enough to use in day camp and beginner english lessons, but he can also jump a course when asked. He is also great on trails!



Breed:Quarter Horse

Major knows his job, whether it be english, western, trail rides, or jumping the cross country course,  and does it with no complaints.  He is a quiet beginner horse but will perform and jump when asked.   


Breed: Arabian

Max is a an arabian with special breeding known as Crabbet/Blunt.

He is tall for his breed and is willing to do anything asked of him from trails to beginner lessons to jumping a course. Very sweet personality, loves attention.


Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Seal Brown

Royce is a flashy show favorite, performing wonderfully not only in the hunter equitation, jumper and pleasure classes, but the dressage ring and on the cross country course as well! He has also been chosen as an escort by brides, and has been featured in a commercial for Miss Utility!


Breed: Buckskin

Rio is an all purpose western, english, and trail horse. He also loves eventing and performs beautifully on stadium and cross country courses, with his best friend Emma!


Breed: Quarter Horse

Smokey is always rarin' to go, but will take care of even the most timid rider.  Rides western or english, jumps, and loves trail rides! 


Breed: Pinto pony

Excellent pony ride giver- as well as pulls a tiny cart! He is an excellent pony for kids who are nervous about their first pony ride. Big, sweet, gentle, and smooth. He also accompanies JoAnn on her author school visits!

Jiminy Cricket

Breed: Welsh
Chocolate Palomino

Excellent pony ride giver- with one of the sweetest faces known to pony-kind.

Patches belong to our instructor Sarah Shutt, but he sometimes helps us out with pony rides.

Painted Warrior
April 4, 1983 - December 24, 2014

Today I lost my crazy, beautiful boy. He was a challenge and a joy for twenty five years. When I first saw him at the horse auction, he had broken loose and was standing in the aisle. I was eight months pregnant at the time and was not pl anning on buying a horse. When I saw him standing there, he looked at me, and I looked at him. I turned to Ted and said, "there's my horse."

A "cowboy" was showing him off that day, spurring him and yanking on his mouth all at once. A girl with a rodeo jacket on was eyeing him. I silently vowed she would not get him.

Ted was sitting up in the "balcony" when the bidding for him started; I was down by the ring. As I repeatedly raised my hand, I looked up at Ted. He was giving me the evil eye and the "chop across the throat" signal, meaning for me to stop bidding at $850. I kept going. I got him for $900. I was handed his papers.
Name: Painted Warrior. Date foaled: April 4, 1983.

We brought him home. Being pregnant, I couldn't ride him, but spent the first four months or so leading him around with a lead rope, trying to calm him down. He was almost impossible to catch in the field, so headshy I could hardly put a halter on him, and just terrified of everything in general.

With much patience, we got to the point where I could ride him. I started teaching him to jump. It turned out that he loved it. Once, an instructor set up a "bounce" - a jump in which the horse jumps the first set of poles, lands, and, without taking a stride, immediately jumps the next set. Paint jumped over the whole thing in one leap. I still remember the look on the instructor's face.

I eventually evented him at Fair Hill. I remember he was the only Paint at one of the events (and the most beautiful horse, in my opinion.) Other horses actually spooked at him - I believe they thought he was a cow. At the ripe old age of 26, he was ridden in a Jumper Show at the Cecil County Fair and showed everyone up.

Paint's indomitable spirit continued until this day. Even at his advanced age, I could not put a beginner on him. Always feisty, but quiet when he needed to be, he was my (and many others') lead horse of choice for trail rides. He was steady, sure-footed, and never spooked.

Paint was always the first horse in line coming into the barn. With a toss of his head, he let the others know he was the boss. When it came time to feed him his special Senior feed in the afternoon, he knew precisely what time it was and would stand at the gate waiting to be let in, all by himself.

He was the perfect horse for me, and I will never find his equal. I will miss him dearly.




Arboria All-Star

Breed: Morgan

Our best and most loved school horse. Star came to us in 1997, before we lived at Fairwinds. For 16 years he patiently taught hundreds of kids how to ride, in lessons, day camp, and on the trail. Whenever I would hand Star over to a trail rider, I would say, "this is Star. He lives up to his name." Always a gentleman, with a sweet personality and perfect manners, Star was loved by all. Once, on a student show list, he was requested 18 times. Everyone wanted to ride Star.

Star, we miss you terribly. You truly lived up to your name, day in and day out. It is going to be very hard to replace the irreplaceable.

You were simply the best.


? - 08/28/18

Breed: Thoroughbred

Our beautiful bay thoroughbred, former polo pony purchased from South Carolina 15 years ago, one of our best. She once made headlines when she was ridden by formor Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. She taught numerous kids to ride in lessons and day camp and carried hundreds of nervous beginners on the trails over the years. When handing the reins into their shaking hands I would always whisper, "this is our best horse. She will take care of you ." And she always did . Rest In Peace Ariel
Ariel, thoroughbred mare

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