Pony Rides

For the little ones! We offer pony rides at our location or yours.   
Please call Fairwinds at 410-658-8187 or e-mail jdawson@fairwindsstables.com for a reservation!

Rates: At Fairwinds Farm
Half hour
Full hour $60/pony
Rates: At your event  
Per hour, up to two ponies $150/pony
Per hour, two ponies or more $125/pony

OR:  In cases agreed upon by both parties, for events or festivals requiring two or more ponies, we charge participants for individual rides (typically $3/ride) and share 20% of our earnings with the event organizers rather than having the event pay us the above rates.  A great deal for both of us! 

*additional rates may apply for travel or special requests

Contact Us
41 Tailwinds Lane North East, Maryland 21901
410-658-8187 jdawson@fairwindsstables.com

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