Show Team

**Attention Fairwinds Farm Show Team! We will be having a meeting on Saturday, March 14 at 6:00PM in the house at Fairwinds. Parents and competitors should attend. The first show of the Triangle Series will be held at Fairwinds on March 29.

The Fairwinds Farm show Team is an active, supportive group of riders of all levels. We are now part of the Triangle Show Series!

Don’t have a horse? You may choose to lease a Fairwinds school horse for the day. A little nervous? Our experienced trainer is available to coach you through the experience! View the Show Team Handbook for more information.

Horse Fee
$35 for one rider
$20 for two riders
$15 for three or more riders
Trainer Fee
$25 per rider

Trailering Fee
$10 per rider

Show Fees
Division/class fees are the responsibility of the rider. Refer to prize lists for rates.

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Contact Us
41 Tailwinds Lane North East, Maryland 21901

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