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Lessons are cancelled today Thursday February 9th due to the wind.   See you next week!

Students:  Our student show/ gymkhana is coming up on Saturday, November 5th! 

Starting promptly at 9 am, the student show will be held first followed by the gymkhana which starts at 1pm. 

Prize lists are in the barn in the red rack.  Talk to your instructor about entering the student show (there are classes for every level) and whether you are ready for the gymkhana, which is games on horseback and will involve competing against riders from other barns. 

New this year, we have added a Trainer's Challenge.  Talk to your trainer/instructor about how to participate in this.  Pick a horse for your trainer to ride and then watch the trainers compete against each other on the horse that you have chosen for them!!! 

Also, we need pony ride walkers throughout the month of October on Saturdays and Sundays at Milburn Orchards from 11-3 .  We need 6 walkers each day for 3 ponies.  This way everyone gets breaks, allowing you to walk around the Fall Festival.    You will either be paid or get extra riding time for walking. 

Sign up on the sheet in the barn for the student show and/or pony rides!!!











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